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Are You Living a Quality Life?

Did you know you could choose to improve your quality of living right now? It's something all Olympian athletes focus on and just by shifting your focus, you can do it to. Focusing on being quality will breed more quality into your life. What's this mean? You get what you give. Watch the [...]

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My Entrepreneur Tool Kit

Every experience is an opportunity to learn or acquire a new skill. If you're thinking about leaving your 9-5 job and becoming an entrepreneur, one of the most invaluable perspectives you can bring along with you is this idea. I wanted to share a brief perspective on how the last 10 years of my life [...]

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Instant Calming Tools

Staying or finding calm isn't always easy when you can't get time or space to... But often necessary when we're on the grind. Here are a few tools I use to get instant peace and back to productivity. Tibetan Singing Bowl - One of my favorite tools to drown out the noise, especially the [...]

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How to Create Your Dream Job

In today's MARIN8D we talk about a few simple principles we apply to create opportunities for ourselves. If you haven't yet, watch the video to the left, and when you're finished feel free to dive into the exercises below! MINDSET EXERCISES When you think about living your dream reality or having a ideal job situation [...]